Think Like Christ

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     Paul in the book of Philippians challenges us to have the mind that was manifest in Christ when he came and dwelt with men. It is our constant challenge for there are many facets of being like Christ. This year we are challenging all member to Think Like Christ. In doing so we ask each and every member to adopt his actions, attitudes and character, the products of his thinking. Will you accept the challenge? Join us Sunday mornings to fellowship on the following lesson topics. 



Lesson Schedule

January – Courage, not Cowardice

Week 1- Courage to swim up stream 1 – Challenge to courage
Week 2 – Courage to swim up stream 2
Week 3 – Courage to stand for truth (PM – uPick, iPreach it)
Week 4 – Courage to sacrifice it all
Week 5 – Courage to finish well

February – Love, not Apathy

Week 6 – For Love is of God – Challenge to choose love when love is hard
Week 7 – Feel the Love
Week 8 – Show the Love (PM – uPick, iPreach it)
Week 9 – Be the Love

March – Commitment, not Contempt

Week 10 – Faith of our fathers – Challenge to commit – Bible reading, study, etc.
Week 11 – Foundations of faith
Week 12 – uPick, iPreach – Questions about the faith
Week 13 – Without faith its impossible to…

April – Like Father, Like Son, like Spirit

Week 14 – In the Beginning God…Gods…huh?
Week 15 – God the Father, determiner of will
Week 16 – God the Son, God in action
Week 17 – uPick, iPreach, – Questions about God, Christ, or Holy Spirit
Week 18 – God the Son, the agent of faith

May – Sanctified, not Satisfied

Week 19 – The logos of sanctification – Challenge to rid one thing from your life that’s unholy
Week 20 – The pathos of Sanctification
Week 21 – The ethos of sanctification (PM – uPick, iPreach it)
Week 22 – God’s gift of sanctification

June – Endurance, not Dereliction

Week 23 – Endurance, patience and the will of God
Week 24 – Enduring others…and other seemingly impossible tasks
Week 25 – Endure though the way is strait (PM – uPick, iPreach it)
Week 26 – Endure like the good solider

July Prayer, Not Pomp

Week 27 – Relate, Keep straight and communicate – Challenging prayer life
Week 28 – The thing that goes wrong in most relationships
Week 29 – What’s in it for me?
Week 30 – uPick, iPreach – questions about prayer
Week 31 – Five prayers everyone should memorize

August – Plans, Providence and Purposes

Week 32 – The dichotomy of the Bible and salvation
Week 33 – God’s chosen man, family and people
Week 34 – Esther, Joseph, John the baptist – lessons in providence (PM – uPick, iPreach it)
Week 35 – Ecclesiastes and the meaning of life

September – Servant, not Served

Week 36 – You’ve got what it takes, when he takes all you’ve got – Challenge to new service
Week 37 – Pinellas Park has got talent
Week 38 – Talent is not enough (uPick, iPreach it)
Week 39 – The only leader is the servant leader

October – Illuminated, not Ignorant

Week 40 – That old thing…who cares?
Week 41- The scripture cannot be broken
Week 42 – uPick, iPreach – questions about the Bible
Week 43 – uPick, iPreach – questions about the Bible 2
Week 44 – The book that will change your life forever, eternally

November Fellowship, not Free-for-all

Week 45 – There’s no such place as Churchville – Challenge to deepen bonds by visits, etc.
Week 46 – We are family
Week 47 – uPick, iPreach – questions about the church
Week 48 – The church and eternity

December – Messiah, Martyr, Miracle

Week 49 – The day Sodom fell and the Christ incarnate
Week 50 – The Suffering Servant and other catchy titles
Week 51 – From advent to calvary – a much expected journey
Week 52 – He lives!