Wednesday PM Class

Bible Snapshots

In our Wednesday PM Class that starts at 7PM we are currently covering a series called Bible Snapshots. You may download the PDF’s in the download section to the right. Come join us as we work our way through the bible.


Bible Snapshots Tonight

Tonight we will be continuing our bible snapshots series so be sure to visit the Classes then Wednesday PM Class and download the files on the right side of the page. Below are the download links to the files for tonight’s and next weeks lesson. Tonights: We also have a lesson that is taking place…

Life, Joy and the Pursuit of God

Life, Joy and the Pursuit of God –This week we are discussing The first video in our two part series on “Angels.” Next week we will watch the second video in the series. Ed Benesh will be teaching these lessons. Make sure to have your bibles ready and be ready for discussing. Notes are encouraged….

Esther Bible Snapshots Posted

We have posted the download for the Bible Snapshots for this Wednesday covering the book of Esther. We have provided the download link below.

Bible Snapshots Ruth PDF Uploaded

The lesson for tonights Bible Snapshots will be from the book of Ruth we have now uploaded the PDF on the website and you can get it by going to the Classes > Wednesday PM Class Page or clicking download below.

Bible Snapshot PDF’s Uploaded

We have just uploaded 4 chapters of our Bible Snapshots series that we are covering on Wednesday nights download so you can follow along. Chapters that we have uploaded are below: Bible Snapshots – Numbers Bible Snapshots – Judges Bible Snapshots – Joshua Bible Snapshots – Deuteronomy